A Story of freedom


Meet Talisa

Talisa originally started Freedom Creators Co by learning to make macrame jewelry while traveling through Southeast Asia in 2016. She was inspired by the unique looks and designs handmade by various artist across the world.

Since then, Talisa has expanded to making Natural Skin Care, Beeswax Candles, Soaps, and Organic Teas because she believes that it is very important what you put in and on your body. She only uses High Quality, Natural ingredients from trusted resources to insure that you are getting the best product that you can't find anywhere else! 

She believes in reducing waste and protecting the planet, so all products are packaged in reusable, sustainable packaging. 

Talisa hopes to make people feel good and trust that all they buy from Freedom Creators Co is made with loving intentions. 

May God bless you all on your road to freedom!