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The Invitation!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Hi there, Freedom Creators Co family! Welcome to our very first blog post! We are beyond excited to begin publishing blogs here on our website! The content will be a wide range of topics consisting of stories, adventure, knowledge, and updates.

Reading our blogs come with an invitation to journey with us in what God is doing. We believe words have power, and here amid the words you read, we hope it sparks your heart to experience freedom in new ways. This is more than a company. It’s more than excellent products. It’s a community of people driven by love, working to leave the world around us better than how we found it. We are freedom Creators Co. Here’s an invitation to follow the heartbeat of this company. We are incredibly honored you’re here!

For this very first blog post, we wanted to share the story of Freedom Creators Co.

Here’s who we are, how we began, where we are, and where we’re headed.

The Boss

Meet Talisa! She is 26 years young and is from all over! Talisa lived in Japan, Germany, and Hawaii but moved to Colorado Springs in 2018 and has called it home since. She loves Jesus, is an incredible mom, and is full of many dreams, passions, and gifts. A fun fact about her is that she loves to worship and create music! She desires Freedom Creators Co to be a gift to the kingdom of God. That looks like being able to give back to different ministries, non-profits, missionaries, churches, or whatever else the Lord wants to do.

The Creation

Talisa has always had sensitive skin and struggled with eczema her entire life. While she was living in Hawaii, she studied herbalism, natural healing, and sustainability for fun. Most of the products she tried made her breakout, so she began adventuring into creating her own skincare products. She wanted all-natural products that would smell good, feel good, and help heal her eczema. With continued research and attained knowledge, she created exactly that! People began showing interest in the products she was making for herself, and it quickly blew up into something bigger.

When she was younger, she had no dream of creating her own skincare business. Her only aim was to give back to the world. She now sees this company as a way of not only doing that but also spreading the love of Jesus and eventually supporting and serving ministries worldwide.

The name Freedom Creators Co was officially born in July of 2020. The meaning of Freedom Creators Co originated with the heart of Talisa creating her freedom. She has now seen how God has transformed it into others, receiving freedom through her products. She values community living in freedom within every area of their lives and has seen her products produce that. Talisa chose the Tree of Life to be her logo and didn’t realize its significance. Above natural skincare products, she believes that true freedom comes from Jesus. The tree resembles the Gospel and the freedom/life that only Jesus brings.

The "Why"

Being a first-generation business owner comes with many joys and challenges. Talisa shares her “why” behind continuing to steward the company despite the hard things. She says that her “why” comes from the Lord. She would have probably already given up if it weren’t for Him. He has put a vision in her heart of simply being a Christian business owner (which is not something often seen). As said, all she’s ever wanted is to give back to the world and help people. God has continued to stir her on by using her for precisely that. Helping people is what keeps her going. Freedom Creators Co isn’t about her at all. There’s something more significant that God is doing through her and this company.

In The Works

Currently, Freedom creators co has been growing expediently! We have just hired six new employees and have been working on training them in their new roles successfully. We have been focusing a lot on brand awareness, which has come with opening our new Kiosk in the Chapel Hills Mall. We are always looking to increase and build but have been focusing on learning during the growth.

The Goal

The dream of Freedom Creators Co is to be a known brand throughout the United States. We, as a company, dream of having multiple known stores all across the states. We want to bring more of the natural into mainstream products. We desire to continue to create freedom for people in every kind of way. We want God to work as big as He wants and have wide-open arms as He moves.


We hope our story encourages your heart. If you have a dream or goal, give it to the Lord, and continue to press on. Talisa started only making $30 a week and is now stewarding a successful skincare company. Begin to persist, persevere when it gets complicated, and trust the hand of God. There are often a lot of dreams out there that could be bigger. We have to be people who dare to chase them. Allow your mind to be changed. Believe that it’s possible and believe in the greatness of it all.

You can expect us to continue to share blogs every other week. Engage with them! We’d love to hear from you! Stay up to date with posted blogs by subscribing to our email list! By subscribing you can also stay up to date on sales, changes, and new products.

You are so loved!

Thank you for accepting the invitation!

Your Freedom Creators Co team <3
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